Wirral’s Missing Flag

The Wirral AC feather flag and a groundsheet were left on a picnic table near the cafe at Birchwood on Saturady at NA road relay championships for Leo Carroll to collect. He was helping marshal on the course when he came back to the tables where the club had gathered  he was unable to find them. Leo is sure they were not taken by anyone else in Wirral as the  Seniors who left them were the last to leave.

One  of the possibilities remaining  is that they were taken in error by another club.  If anyone  has picked them up by mistake or can shed any light on the matter please contact Leo by the email link below. There were several other clubs still packing up when he returned.  The flag and poles were in a black canvas case (approx 120cms x 20cms x 5 cms).   The beige coloured  groundsheet (400cmx400cms) was rolled up .  They were left on one of the wooden picnic tables on the grass by the cafe at about 4.30pm and were not there 20 minutes later.

Leo Carroll or phone 0151 608 4647

Wirral AC logo

Wirral AC logo

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